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Ridetech 68-74 Chevy Nova Without "Bump" Bolt On 4-Link Single Adjustable Kit

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Revolutionize the performance of your 1968-1974 Nova, Acadian, Apollo, Omega, or Ventura with the Ridetech 4-Link System, a purpose-built solution for muscle car enthusiasts seeking modern handling, ride quality, and braking capabilities. This system, designed to work seamlessly with Coil-Overs or ShockWave air suspension (sold separately), replaces traditional leaf springs with a 4-Link configuration, delivering a transformative driving experience.

Key Features:

Improved Ride Quality and Handling:

  • Escape the compromises of standard leaf spring suspensions with the Ridetech 4-Link System. Experience a crisp, controlled ride that instills confidence, leaving behind the soft, wallowing feel of older setups.

Adjustable Stance:

  • Achieve a lowered stance with an adjustable drop ranging from 1" to 3" below stock, enhancing both aesthetics and performance.

Enhanced Traction:

  • The 4-Link design allows for more precise positioning of the rear axle, eliminating axle wrap (wheel hop) and improving traction. It's an ideal solution for those seeking optimal straight-line performance.

Stability through Corners:

  • Benefit from increased stability during cornering, thanks to optimized roll center height and anti-squat characteristics of the 4-Link configuration.

Easy Installation:

  • Enjoy a straightforward installation process with no cutting through the floor pan or welding to the car. The system utilizes bolt-on brackets, minimizing modifications to your classic muscle car.

Patented R-Joint Rod Ends:

  • The patented R-Joint rod ends are a highlight of this system, providing low friction movement, lateral stability, full-range articulation, and quiet operation. Perfect for both street and track applications.

Optional Double Adjustable Bars:

  • Opt for double adjustable bars for added convenience, allowing you to adjust the lower bar length without removing bar end nuts and bolts.

Durable Construction:

  • Crafted in the USA, the 4-Link System boasts a durable satin black powder coat finish, ensuring longevity and a sleek appearance.

Compatibility and Options:

  • Compatible with mini-tubs and available with either Coil-Overs or Shockwave air suspension. Optional weld-on lower axle brackets are available for aftermarket axle housings without stock-style leaf spring pads.

Note for 1973-1974 X Body Cars:

  • Some 1973-1974 cars may have a different-shaped frame rail, requiring the specific 4-Link kit part number 11267159 / 11267157.

Transform your classic muscle car into a modern driving machine with the Ridetech 4-Link System, offering unparalleled performance, adjustability, and style.

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