The sun hasn’t peaked above the horizon, but the trailer is loaded and you are running through the checklist...
Racing Shoes? Check.
Steering Wheel? Check.
Extra Brake Pads? Check.
Racing Helmet? Nope.
What? Where the hell is the RaceQuip Helmet? Nevermind. Check.
Good to Go!

It doesn’t matter wether you are driving a Legend Car, Sprint Car, Midget Car, or picked up a rental for Autocross. It could be Karting or Drag Racing. We do it for the excitement, the competition, to better our skills, and for the fun of it all. Who doesn’t love the anticipation of strapping into a Five Point Harness? Race Choice exists to feed this passion.


We all know there are less expensive hobbies. Gardening? Maybe. We aren’t sure. It doesn’t matter. We race because we love it. It doesn’t mean we should have to pay out the nose to get a decent set of Toe Plates. In our attempt to find cheaper parts for ourselves we found that our friends needed the same parts. It wasn’t hard to see that there was a need here.Look around the pit the next time you are unloading. It’s typically people you’ve grown a bond with. You all have the same love for cars. You all have the same needs for racing parts and accessories. Whether it be safety or performance, everyone would like to get the best price possible without sacrificing quality.


There is no replacement for seat time. The same goes for business experience, we have spent 15 years of offering the best prices on Racing Parts & Accessories through Race Choice. We have even more time than that behind a wheel. Don’t ask how long, it’s not polite. Our customers have grown beyond our friends and family, but you are more than a customer. You are a fellow racer. We want race culture to endure. To share this passion with as many people as we can. If you need help with finding the right parts we are here for you. Whether you waiting for a light or a flag to drop we want you to enjoy this sport with the best in performance and most importantly... safely.