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Ridetech 64-72 Gm A-Body Front Upper Tubular Control Arms

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Revolutionize the suspension of your 1964-1972 GM A-Body with Ridetech's Front Upper StrongArms, the epitome of performance, style, and precision engineering. Elevate your driving experience by upgrading from traditional stamped OEM control arms to these tubular control arms that bring strength, style, and improved performance to the forefront.

Key Features:

Tubular Control Arms for Enhanced Performance:

  • What speaks more about performance than a set of tubular control arms? Ridetech's Front Upper StrongArms are designed to make a statement, adding strength, style, and improved performance to your classic GM A-Body.

Self-Lubricating Delrin Bushings:

  • Reduce deflection and suspension bind with self-lubricating Delrin bushings, offering enhanced durability and smooth operation.

Increased Caster for Improved Handling:

  • Dramatically improve handling and control by incorporating increased caster into the design. The result is a suspension system that responds precisely to your driving demands.

Simplicity in Design:

  • StrongArms™ are developed with simplicity in mind. With as few components as possible, these control arms are manufactured in-house on a 4-axis tubing bender, allowing for precise, repeatable bends that set them apart.

Contoured Perimeter for Maximum Wheel Clearance:

  • The perimeter of the StrongArm is thoughtfully contoured to ensure maximum wheel clearance and turning radius, demonstrating a commitment to both form and function.

Components Designed for Performance:

  • Powder-coated in a satin black finish, the StrongArms are not just about looks; they are completely assembled with ball joints, bushings, and cross shafts, addressing deflection and stiction from suspension movement.

Injection Molded Delrin Bushings with Teflon:

  • To further reduce deflection and stiction, Injection Molded Delrin Bushings are used, impregnated with Teflon to eliminate the need for additional lubrication.

Optimized Geometry:

  • Properly designed control arms contribute more positive caster and position the wheel optimally in the wheel opening for maximum clearance. Repositioned ball joint angles prevent binding, ensuring smooth operation.

Development in Real-World Conditions:

  • StrongArms™ are not just a theoretical concept; they are developed by Ridetech® in Jasper, Indiana, on an actual running, driving vehicle. This approach allows addressing fitment and performance issues in real-world scenarios.

Upgrade your classic GM A-Body with confidence, knowing that Ridetech's Front Upper StrongArms bring together a perfect blend of performance, design elegance, and meticulous engineering. The choice is clear – you want these StrongArms for your suspension system.

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