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Holley Dominator Efi Kit - Ls1 Dbw Main Harness With Ev1 Injectors & Trans Controller

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Dominator® EFI Vehicle Management Systems cater to non-emissions street and racing engine applications, providing extensive control over power adders, inputs, and outputs. The systems offer unparalleled versatility, enabling seamless management of a turbocharged, nitrous-injected 8-cylinder with water-methanol injection or simultaneous control of a 4L80E transmission, fuel, and spark on a street rod. With ample inputs and outputs, Dominator® VMSs can function as an independent data acquisition and control module, consolidating various controllers into a unified unit. The only boundary for the Dominator® Vehicle Management System is the user's imagination.


  • Dominator EFI base kits tailored for popular domestic V8 engine applications, including LS, SBC/BBC, SBF, BBF, and Chrysler engines.
  • Kit components: Dominator ECU, USB cable, ECU Power Harness, Engine Main Harness, EV1 Injector Harness, Bosch Wideband, and ECU mounting hardware.
  • Integrated electronic transmission control for GM 4L60E and 4L80E transmissions, Ford AODE, and 4R70W (with additional applications planned).
  • Integrated drive-by-wire throttle body control supporting two drive-by-wire throttle bodies, compatible with various DBW throttle bodies from GM, Chrysler, Ford, and Nissan.
  • Integrated dual-channel wideband oxygen sensor controls for monitoring both engine banks using NTK or Bosch sensors.
  • Extensive inputs and outputs allowing limitless configuration options, serving as a comprehensive data acquisition system.
  • Individual cylinder fuel and spark control for unlocking the engine's full potential.
  • 1-7 Bar MAP sensor capability suitable for naturally aspirated or boosted applications.
  • Fuel Map and Learn Function Smoothing for refining map rough areas.
  • Self-tuning fuel table strategy simplifying the tuning process through continuous learning.
  • "Quick Start" strategies for accelerated engine starting.
  • Compatibility with common OEM sensors and custom sensor calibration input.
  • Two-channel knock control sensor inputs for one or two-wire knock sensors.
  • Store and select between four calibrations with Multi Map Selector (Part Number 558-407).


  • Fully potted ECU designed for mounting in the engine compartment or interior.
  • Sealed automotive and marine-grade connectors.
  • Optional Digital Displays: 7" Digital Dash (PN 553-106) / 3.5" Touch Screen LCD (PN 553-108).
  • 12.3" Pro Dash (PN 553-111) and 7" Race Dash (PN 553-106) with full gauge layout customization and extensive tuning options.

Data Visualization Tools:

  • Data Logger with 4 GB of internal memory for sophisticated yet user-friendly data analysis and export.
  • Strip Chart for real-time data viewing.
  • Fully Configurable Laptop Gauge Panel for a lifelike gauge cluster on a laptop screen.
  • Racepak Integration Module available.
  • Data logger features, including smoothing, multiple graph views, pre-defined notes fields, and more.

8 Stage Nitrous Oxide Control:

  • Fully featured nitrous control eliminating the need for a separate controller.
  • Configurable as "Wet" or "Dry" with closed-loop feedback.
  • Progressive control based on time, RPM, or boost, requiring part # 554-111.
  • Lean or rich safety cutoff.
  • Full timing retard/control configurability per stage based on RPM or time.

Integrated Water/Methanol Injection Control:

  • Utilizes specially designed Holley water/meth solenoids for precise tuning.
  • Allows control of two nozzles with nozzle options ranging from 400 to 1000 cc/min.
  • Complete control of pump activation and low system safety features.

Turbocharger Boost Control:

  • Comprehensive boost control capability eliminating the need for a separate device.
  • Configurable control based on time, gear, speed, and manual inputs.
  • Gear-based boost control configurable through various methods.
  • "Boost Builder" functions assisting in building boost on the starting line by altering ignition timing, fueling, and nitrous oxide activation, also serving as an anti-lag function.
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