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Borgeson Mopar Big Block With 1-1/8" Pitman Shaft Power Steering Conversion/Upgrade

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Transform the steering performance of your 1962-1972 Mopar car with the Power Steering Conversion/Upgrade by Borgeson. Tailor-made for Mopar vehicles equipped with a 1-1/8" diameter pitman shaft and big block 383/440 engine, this comprehensive kit includes a 14:1 quick ratio steering box, pump, bracket, pulley, hoses, and a steering column coupler. Here's why Borgeson's Power Steering Conversion/Upgrade is the ideal choice for enhancing your driving experience:

Key Features:

  1. Quick 14:1 Ratio Steering Box:

    • Immerse yourself in precise and responsive steering control with the included 14:1 quick ratio steering box.
    • The quick ratio enhances maneuverability, providing a dynamic and enjoyable driving experience.
  2. Comprehensive Kit:

    • The kit comprises all necessary components for a complete power steering upgrade, ensuring convenience and compatibility.
    • Components such as the pump, bracket, pulley, hoses, and steering column coupler are meticulously selected for optimal performance.
  3. Big Block 383/440 Engine Compatibility:

    • Specifically designed for Mopar cars with the big block 383/440 engine.
    • Ensures a tailored fit and seamless integration with the specified engine type.
  4. Not Compatible with Factory Air Conditioning:

    • Please note that this power steering conversion kit is not compatible with factory air conditioning systems.
    • Ensure compatibility with your vehicle's specifications before installation.
  5. Durable Construction:

    • All Borgeson power steering boxes and pumps are assembled and tested in the USA, ensuring top-notch quality and durability.
    • Globally sourced components are carefully selected to meet high standards, providing reliability for years to come.
  6. Enhanced Steering Feel:

    • Experience a firm and modern steering feel, contributing to a smoother and more controlled driving experience.
    • The upgraded steering performance is particularly beneficial during spirited driving or precise maneuvering.
  7. Easy Installation:

    • The kit is designed for straightforward installation, allowing enthusiasts to upgrade their vehicle's steering system without unnecessary complexity.
    • Clear instructions and quality components streamline the installation process.
  8. Warranty Assurance:

    • Borgeson stands behind the quality of their power steering components, offering a 3-year warranty for added peace of mind.
    • Drive with confidence, knowing that your power steering upgrade is backed by a reputable warranty.

Elevate your Mopar car's steering system with Borgeson's Power Steering Conversion/Upgrade, tailor-made for 1962-1972 models with a 1-1/8" diameter pitman shaft and big block 383/440 engine. Enjoy enhanced steering control, responsiveness, and an overall improved driving experience.

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